Gender and Tolerance Week at BBC


BBC Transfer Agents Hana Himi and Rimona Cohen organized a "Gender and Tolerance Week" [...]

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Austrian Minister of Science awards Käthe Leichter Promotion Prize to Anita Thaler


On February 3, 2022, Austria's Federal Minister Martin Polaschek awarded our colleague Anita THALER with the Käthe Leichter Promotion Prize for Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Equality in the World of Work, donated by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. [...]
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Teresa Carvalho, coordinator of the project CHANGE in Portugal, participates in a webinar of the project GE-HEI - Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions


Teresa Carvalho, coordinator of the project CHANGE in Portugal, participated as invited moderator in the webinar "Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions" on February 2, 2022. The webinar was organised in the scope of the GE-HEI project, promoted by the General Directorate of Higher Education, [...]
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Call for Posters: "Let's co-produce gender equity knowledge together"


Within the scope of the CHANGE Workshop in Aveiro (26 to 27 April, 2022), and to stimulate a broad and deep debate, we are looking forward to receiving poster proposals related to Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and structural/institutional change in the field of gender equality and diversity. We welcome proposals that highlight successful actions and also attempts at gender institutional change that have had limited [...]
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CHANGE at Beit Berl College


In December 2021 the Beit Berl College CHANGE team (BBC) informed its employees and students about the project in a newsletter (in Hebrew). You can find the English version when you click here.
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