Call for Posters: "Let's co-produce gender equity knowledge together"


Within the scope of the CHANGE Workshop in Aveiro (26 to 27 April, 2022), and to stimulate a broad and deep debate, we are looking forward to receiving poster proposals related to Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and structural/institutional change in the field of gender equality and diversity. We welcome proposals that highlight successful actions and also attempts at gender institutional change that have had limited [...]
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CHANGE at Beit Berl College


In December 2021 the Beit Berl College CHANGE team (BBC) informed its employees and students about the project in a newsletter (in Hebrew). You can find the English version when you click here.
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Save the Date: Final CHANGE Stakeholder Workshop in Aveiro from 26 to 27 April, 2022


The impact of CHANGE lies in tackling known main barriers of gender equity in science and research by involving relevant stakeholders and key actors in research organisations, listen to their experiences and co-produce gender equity knowledge together. This has been the core idea of CHANGE since its start in 2018.
In 2022, the project will culminate in a final international workshop that will bring stakeholders from higher education, research organisations, science policy and research funding to one table. [...]
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Designing, Implementing and Monitoring a Gender Equality Plan - Practical Insights for Change Agents


On 25 and 26.11.21 the joint conference of the sister projects LeTSGEPs, SPEAR and CHANGE took place online.

On the first day of the conference, our CHANGEr Anita Thaler (IFZ) and Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins (RWTH) contributed to the programme with a presentation on the topic "Designing, Implementing and Monitoring a Gender Equality Plan - Practical Insights for Change Agents", in which they highlighted the special [...]
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The Hidden Potential of Gender Equity Policies in Research Funding


In a new publication by our CHANGErs Anita THALER, Maya ASHKENAZI, Madlen BAUMERT, Janne HAACK, Hana HIMI, Sandra KARNE an analysis of research funding processes and organisations could illuminate gender policies and practices, aiming at a more diverse and gender equitable research and innovation landscape, but could also reveal [...]
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