Customised CHANGE — Co-Producing Gender Equality Knowledge in Science and Research


We proudly share this open access publication after four and a half years of work and joint efforts of a wonderful team of CHANGErs. And this is not just any book, as CHANGE was not just any other project!

CHANGE co-produced gender knowledge, to customise contents and measures of gender equality plans (GEPs) to specific contexts and target groups. We invited experts and further stakeholders from research performing organisations (RPOs) as well as research funding organisations (RFOs) to join our communities of practices (CoPs).
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Carina Jordão wins Maria Lamas award


The 2022 Maria Lamas Prize for studies on women, gender and equality was unanimously awarded to Carina Jordão for her doctoral thesis entitled "Inequalities between women and men in the labor market and its measurement: contributions of a new composite indicator for EU-28 countries", thesis that was presented to the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, in the area of Sociology (Labour Relations, Social Inequalities and Trade Unionism). [...]
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How to become a CHANGEr? Lessons learned from implementing gender equality plans


After a deserved summer break we have returned to work and proudly look back to what we have achieved in the last months. We successfully organised our final stakeholder workshop ‘Let's co-produce gender equity knowledge together' on the 26th and 27th of April 2022 in Aveiro , Portugal. Our Portuguese colleagues hosted the event with a lot of enthusiasm and academic care. [...]
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UNIZA still actively contributing to its aim- gender sensitization of the academic community


During the first half of 2022, UNIZA hosted numerous events for the academic community to promote understanding of GE. Read more here.
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Carina Jordão (UAVR) participates in a Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) promoted by Instituto Politécnico de Tomar in Portugal


On the 9th of June, Carina Jordão, member of the CHANGE project team in Portugal, participated as an invited speaker in the Blended Intensive Program (BIP), organized by Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT) in a b-learning format, with the theme "An Inclusive University in a Diverse World". Her communication, included in the workshop "How to integrate the gender-dimension into research and teaching contents" focused on the experience of the CHANGE project at the University of Aveiro. The BIP, framed in the IPT gender equality, diversity and inclusion plan, was promoted in the scope of the Erasmus+ Program and took place between the 6th and 17th of June. The main goal of the event was to train teaching and non-teaching staff in gender equality, diversity and inclusion issues in higher education institutions.
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