Sisters are stronger together!


CHANGE's sister project GRANteD identifies factors that cause gender imbalances before, during, and after grant submission and sheds light on gender biases in grant allocation processes and its consequences for the researchers' careers. This research is of great importance to support implementation projects like CHANGE, which are [...]
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Teresa Carvalho participated in a debate on budgeting for equality in ESG Week 2022


On May 18, Teresa Carvalho, coordinator of the CHANGE project at the University of Aveiro (Portugal), participated in a debate on 'budgeting for equality', integrated in one of the conferences of ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance WEEK 2022. In the same debate, moderated by Luís Marvão, also participated Ana Martinho Fernandes, Director of Strategy and Planning Support Services of the Commission for Gender Equality (CIG), and Valkama Paivi, Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support REFORM Unit B1 — Revenue Administration and Public Financial Management.
ESG Week 2022, promoted by the Portuguese Association for Business Ethics, brought together government representatives, business leaders, national and international experts, academia and civil society organizations to debate some of the major sustainability issues (framed within the ESG domain) in Portugal.
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CHANGErs at the International Conference on Gender Research in Aveiro, Portugal


CHANGErs are a dedicated group of academics and researchers with very diverse expertise fields like adhesive bonding technology, marine biology, trauma therapy or sustainable food systems. When these experts team up with gender researchers and sociologists, focusing on gender inequities in higher education and research, you get a strong mix of

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Portuguese team of the CHANGE project participates in the final conference of the SUPERA project


Carina Jordão, member of the Portuguese team of the CHANGE project (UAVR), participated in the final conference of the SUPERA - Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia project, entitled [...]

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Workshop "Responsible science" in Slovenia


On 24-25 March 2022 CHANGE partner from Slovenian organised workshop "Responsible science".

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