Gender Violence(s) in the Academy Workshop


The Portuguese CHANGE team (UAVR, Portugal) has promoted the workshop "Gender Violence(s) in the Academy". The online workshop took place on June 4, at 2 pm. The main objective of the event was to clarify the concept of gender-based violence and discuss its importance in the academia.
The invited speakers were Professor Filomena Teixeira (School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra; Research Centre on Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers — University of Aveiro) and Regina Leite (School of Economics and Management, University of Minho; CICS.NOVA.Uminho). Professor Filomena Teixeira presented a talk entitled ‘Sexism in Everyday Life — flattery and Violence Against Women' and Professor Regina Duarte made a presentation about ‘Sexual Harassment in Academia: Brief Notes on the Ivory Tower'.
About 15 people participated in the session and Teresa Carvalho, coordinator of the CHANGE project at the University of Aveiro, chaired the session.

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"Funding opportunities in Horizon Europe" workshop promoted by UAVR (Portugal)


On May 7 the Portuguese CHANGE team (UAVR, Portugal) has promoted the workshop "Funding opportunities in Horizon Europe". The workshop took place online, at 3 pm and was attended by around 25 people. The main objective of the event was to discuss the funding opportunities in the new Horizon Europe framework and inclusion of diversity and equality in research.
The workshop was opened by the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of the University of Aveiro, Professor Artur Silva. The event was attended by the Research Support Office of the University of Aveiro and had as invited speaker Pavel Ovseiko, Senior Research Fellow in Health Policy and Management (Medical Sciences Division) from the University of Oxford.
Throughout the event, information about Horizon Europe, its characteristics and structure was presented. Some of its main objectives and challenges were also addressed, namely in terms of gender equality, and some specific examples of how to integrate gender dimension in health research were discussed in depth.

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UAVR holds "The importance of work-life balance in promoting gender equality" workshop


The Portuguese CHANGE team (UAVR, Portugal) has promoted the workshop "The importance of work-life balance in promoting gender equality". The workshop took place on May 4, at 2:30 pm. The main objective of the event was to discuss the importance of the balance of professional, family and personal life for gender equality. Invited speakers were Carla Tavares, President of the Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE) and Salomé Ferreira, Director of Human Resources at Porto Municipality. During the workshop some of the current good work practices in reconciliation were presented and discussed. The event was organised in partnership with the "Linha 3UA - A vida Profissional, Pessoal e Familiar em Linha na UA" project and took place online being attended by around 100 people.
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"Let's talk about money, sister!"


The upcoming research funding programme ‘Horizon Europe' will make GEPs an eligibility criterion of proposals. This is one example of a governance strategy where the allocation of (monetary) resources — in terms of funding — is linked to fostering gender equality in European science and research organisation. In a session at the annual STS conference dedicated to this very topic our CHANGErs Anita Thaler, Sandra Karner (IFZ, Austria) and Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins (RWTH Aachen, Germany) invited gender researchers to co-create knowledge about how financial governance strategies can be used to [...]
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UAVR team participated in the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology


On the March 29-31, Carina Jordão (UAVR, Portugal) attended the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology "Heated identities: differences, belonging, and populisms in an effervescent world". The event took place in a virtual format. A talk entitled "Gender Equality Plans in Higher Education Institutions in Portugal: Rowing against the current?" was presented by the UAVR team.
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