UAVR produced a Video for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science


On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 11th of February, the UAVR CHANGE team produced a video with testimonies from directors of research units at UAVR.

The video serves to remind (as many times as necessary!) that without women Science would always be a [...]

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"This worries me a little. As long children are not in school, people think: 'Women have to take care of them.'"


The Austrian CHANGErs Anita Thaler and Julian Anslinger researched in autumn 2020 how organisations have changed in the Covid-19 pandemic, and which challenges leaders, especially female leaders, had to face and with what kind of strategies they reacted to those changes.
The result is an insight into ten Styrian organisations from the logistics, technology, travel agency, health, and public services sector.
The corona crisis brought unforeseen challenges like contact tracing, health issues, but also home-office blurred the boundaries between [...]
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Gender issues in pandemic times


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and no one's life was untouched by the measures taken since spring 2020 by governments to contain the virus. The CHANGErs Anita Thaler and Julian Anslinger (IFZ, Austria) and Hana Himi (BBC, Israel) have contributed to an online journal, the fifth issue of the Queer STS Forum , which took this [...]
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Co-producing knowledge online: a collection of recommendations


CHANGers Anita Thaler, Julian Anslinger, Maya Ashkenazi, Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins,
Hana Himi, Sandra Karner & Magdalena Wicher, in cooperation with management consultant Jenny Schlager, collected workshopping ideas for the co-production of knowledge in an online setting. The recommendations were published in a small and concise publication you can find [...].
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UAVR holds "CHANGE actions: diversity and equality in research funding" seminar


The Portuguese CHANGE team (UAVR, Portugal) has promoted the seminar "CHANGE actions: diversity and equality in research funding". The seminar took place on November 20, at 9:30 am and was attended by 26 people. The main objective of the event was to [...].
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