III National Meeting of Mutualist Women with the participation of Teresa Carvalho (UAVR)


­On March 21, between 9am and 12:30pm, the III National Meeting of Mutualist Women took place at the University of Aveiro, organized by União das Mutualidades Portuguesas (UMP). The debate brought together a panel with the deputies Cláudia Santos (PS — Socialist Party) and Carla Madureira (PSD — Social Democrats Party), both elected by the district of Aveiro, the mutualist presidents Carlos Jorge Silva (A Beneficência Familiar do Porto /Charity House) and Isabel Silva (Glória Portuguesa, Porto) and Virgínia Baptista, researcher from Universidade Nova de Lisboa who has studied the role of women in the Portuguese mutualist movement. The debate was moderated by Teresa Carvalho, coordinator of the CHANGE project and of a study on "Mutualist Organizations in Portuguese Society in the 21st Century" (being currently about to be concluded).