The Hidden Potential of Gender Equity Policies in Research Funding

inherent gender biases. The results of 41 expert interviews on research budgets, gender policies and practices in research funding in the three "strong innovator"-countries Austria, Germany and Israel, and explores the hidden potential of gender in science and research funding in all sectors: The disparity between budgets and women's participation in research is especially apparent in the business enterprise (BE) sector in Austria and Germany, where almost 70% of the total research budget is allocated, but only 15% respectively 17% are women researchers. Nevertheless, the higher education sector and research funding on a national level manifest more gender equality policies and gender mainstreaming practices than BE and research funding on regional levels. Therefore, one of the main challenges discussed in the article is to transfer gender-inclusive policies and practices from the national to the regional level, and from academic to industrial research.

The publication can be downloaded here.