CHANGE team members participated in international conference on Gender Equality

Members from the UAVR team (Portugal), from BBC (Isreal), from IFZ (Austria), and from IFAM and RWTH (both Germany) participated in the 11th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education (GEHE 2021). This biennial event took place from 15th to 17th September 2021 in a virtual format and engaged practitioners, researchers, teachers and R&I managers from different countries in Europe and beyond. Within this conference, Sara Diogo (UAVR team) presented a paper about "Challenges in incorporating the Gender Perspective in Higher Education Teaching and Research: the case of a Portuguese University". Hana Himi and Maya Ashkenazi gave a talk titled: " Examining gender unconscious biases and good-practices: BBC- Israeli academic college as a case study". Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins and Madlen Baumert from the German CHANGE team, supported by Janne Haack, gave a presentation on how to become a CHANGE agent starting from being a technical researcher. Madlen and Janne reported on the challenges they overcame at a technically oriented research institute and outlined which circumstances were supportive for them. Julian Anslinger and Sandra Karner from IFZ gave a talk about "Changing technology research for good? The Austrian case.", where they addressed how research funding could contribute to improving gender equity in technology research in Austrian.