Inequality vs inclusiveness in changing academic governance: policies, resistances, opportunities

On the 16th-18th September CHANGE team members Ina Ben-Uri (Israel) and Veronika Mešková (Slovakia) participated in the conference organised by EUMENT-NET Network and the Department of Political Science University of Naples Federico II: "Inequality vs inclusiveness in changing academic governance: policies, resistances, opportunities".
Conference was focused on unconscious bias in transforming academia and strategies how to tackle them. It gave opportunity for experts and practitioners to meet, network and share their experience.
Ina Ben-Uri presented her research on gender perspective of work-family relations among college teachers, providing also information on Israeli particular context. The presentation covered the work — family relations
together with professional self-efficacy field and introduced the research objectives, hypotheses and methodology.
Veronika Mešková presented experience of University of Žilina from GEP implementing in the framework of European H2020 project, obstacles they face in this concrete university environment and partially some of the Employee Satisfaction Survey results related especially to the perception of career progression of female researchers and teachers at the University of Žilina.