The Slovenian CHANGE team members have inititated the networking between CHANGE and sister projects!

In on 23 May 2019, Ana Rotter from the National Institute of Biology visited Barcelona and its Centre for Genomic Regulation, where the Life sciences Community of practice was formalized within the ACT project.

In the end the whole group agreed that in this diverse group, spread over Europe, the best common activities could be to work on changing the culture, specifically by

• Increasing the awareness of unconscious bias

• Dealing with resistance

• and embracing diversity in evaluation processes


On 14 May 2019 and later on 4 June 2019 we attended 2 meetings (in Ljubljana and Koper), where we started building a national stakeholder network for mentoring and activities related to implementation of gender equality plans, best practices exchange, legislation change and use of gender sensitive language. Over 30 participants were present in the meetings overall which is a guarantee of establishing solid baseline for future activities!