CHANGErs at ICGR in Rome

A CHANGE team from Austria, Germany and Portugal attended the 2nd International Conference on Gender Research from 11 - 12 April 2019 at Roma Tre University in Italy and presented in total five papers:

Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins and Andrea Wolffram from RWTH Aachen University talked about “How Informal Processes and Relationships shape Gendered Careers in STEM” and “Most Significant Change: Closing the Gender Gap in Academia”. The second paper discusses a specific monitoring tool for projects like CHANGE, which are implementing gender equality plans in academic and research organisations, and is of immediate relevance for our project's work package “Process Monitoring and Impact Evaluation”, led by the German team.

Teresa Carvalho and Sara Diogo from University of Aveiro presented “Women in Higher Education Top Positions: the Relevance of Field Dynamics” and “Does Nomination Influence Women's Access to Institutional Decision-Making Bodies?”. Their second paper puts the Portuguese case in centre of their presentation, and is connected to CHANGE's work package “Creating Gender Equal Decision Making Processes and Bodies”, which is led by the Portuguese team.

Anita Thaler from IFZ Graz talked about “The Academic Feminist Fight Club” , which argues that gender equality in academia could be reached more efficiently, if feminists of all backgrounds and with different knowledges would join an ‘academic feminist fight club', aiming at fighting inequalities but without fighting each other. As one key element CHANGE's work package “Co-production and Communication of Gender Equality Knowledge” with different actors has been shared.