7 March 2019: CHANGE presented at the Slovenian Ministry for Education, Science and Sport, Ljubljana

CHANGE project was presented on the yearly event, organized at the Ministry by the Commission for equal opportunities, in the framework of the International Women's Day on March 7th, 2019. This event was an excellent opportunity for networking with other H2020 projects that are currently running in Slovenia and are in the various stages of preparation and implementation of Gender Equality Plans.

Dr. Ana Rotter, representing National Institute of Biology (CHANGE partner and lead of WP3) and Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnšek, Transfer Agent for the Slovene CHANGE partner, were warmly welcome by the participants.

The approaches, taken by the various project presenters are very different in their nature, which again proves that Gender Equality plans should be tailor-made for individual institutions and there is no general rule for a successful implementation.

We believe that these events will help in establishing communities of researchers and implementors that will continue to work together beyond the lifetime of individual projects. More importantly, we will establish a continuous contact with ministries and representatives from individual research funding agencies.