CHANGE was presented from our Slovenian Partner NIB on Slovenian TV and on Radio Station

CHANGE partners from Slovenia, the National Institute of Biology (NIB), used the great opportunity to introduce the project to a wider audience on the National Radio by means of a science broadcast. Dr. Ana Rotter, coordinator of the Slovenian CHANGE team, and Prof. Tamara Lah Turnsek, the scientific counsellor, former director of the institute Transfer Agent of NIB, presented the project, NIB's contribution to the project and our thoughts on being a female scientist, being proactive beyond your original field of research and the importance of communication in science.


Moreover, CHANGE was also addressed in a Slovenian TV show. Prof. Tamara Lah Turnsek, the Transfer Agent representing the National Institute of Biology, gave an interview, where her rich and successful career was presented in the prime time on the Slovenian national TV programme. At the end of the interview, she explained the importance of empowering women and introduced the project to a wider TV audience. It is our belief that by delivering short, soft and friendly messages, the new generation of women and men will advance to a scientific world, where the gender of researchers will no longer have to be a point of debate, but rather our competences, skills and motivation to engage in collaborative networks that will help our humanity and the environment in general.